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Aldi Protein Gains! | LIFT VLOG #68 | Hike Protein Bar Review | Powerlifting Training Macros IIFYM

Aldi Protein Gains! | LIFT VLOG #68 | Hike Protein Bar Review | Powerlifting Training Macros IIFYM

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On the continuous hunt for gains, we’re always looking for decent affordable ways of getting in hitting those all important macros. When doing any type of training, we all know that the weights you’re moving are just as important as the food you’re eating.

As part of a new series for 2017, we’re gonna be reviewing some of foods we get our hands on during our quest for more gains. This week we’ve grabbed Aldi’s Hike Protein bar in three different flavours. The macros aren’t incredible and may not be suitable for those cutting down on sugar, but at 49p they are certainly worth a look.



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We’re two amateur Powerlifters looking to become as strong as possible (with solid form) across the three main compound lifts – Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. Maybe one day we might even enter a meet – Gotta get strong enough first though right?


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