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BodyBoss 2.0 – Portable Gym + Best Home Gym – Total Body Workout – Travel Workout Equipment

BodyBoss 2.0 – Portable Gym + Best Home Gym – Total Body Workout – Travel Workout Equipment

BodyBoss 2.0 is the world’s best home gym! Simulate ,000s of in workout equipment with just one light-weight device. Simulate dumbbells, workout bar rack, squat rack, & UFC boxing from home.

BodyBoss 2.0 – Portable Home Gym. Best Home Gym + Travel Workout Equipment
Discover more at: www.bodybossportablegym.com
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Hello beautiful people who really support me and A special Namaste to everyone who cannot do anything but judge everyone. 🙌🏻
In case this is the first time you are watching my video, let me introduce myself to you. I`m Reshma Badi, health and nutrition blogger. I`ve lost over 44 kgs and the journey is still on.

I decided to show you guys what`s in my Gym bag. PLEASE COMMENT DOWN BELOW YOUR GYM ESSENTIALS.
Before somebody else points out how bulky my thighs look in the video. OMG ISS VIDEO MAIN BHT MOTI LAGG RAHI HU MAIN. MERE THIGHS DEKHE? HIPPO KI TARAH. 😆
You think I care what you say? I certainly don’t. I did have the option to tell the editor to crop myself but decided to go with this. I’m certainly happy with the way I am. I hardly care what people say. Call me FAT KID, and see that smile on my face. 😊
We Indians have this genes where in being judgmental over anything and everyone, is dominant in nature. To be honest, i’m happy with the way I am. I love eating clean. I love working out. Results are secondary for me. 😌
I love to progress in every way possible.
People with flat tummy have rolls when they sit. People with perfect quads look huge too when they sit. Also, do not forget you look bulkier on screen than you actually are.
I believe the internet is doing the work on inspiring a million and spreading positivity but at the same time is a platform for comparison.
Go ahead. Say anything anything about me, I hardly care. ACCEPTING OURSELVES IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN IMPRESSING SOMEBODY ELSE. And i believe i’ve got that bomb personality and confidence 🔥
It takes guts to post such things over the internet. People are just ready to put you down. But if I’m bringing out such topics, least you can do is accept the way you are and improve. 🌿

Have a healthy week.

EMAIL ID: reshmabadi92@gmail.com

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