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Fitness Apps and Accessories #AskDanWindows 42

Fitness Apps and Accessories #AskDanWindows 42

Send your questions on Twitter with the hashtag #AskDanWindows and Dan might answer it in the next episode!

In this episode:
-Is turning the Store-app restriction on for Windows 10 the same as Windows 10 S? – Asif Shadab Malick
-I hear you enjoy your fitness. Can you please recommend a good app for tracking progress (like weight)? – ZipZapRap
-Why are you recommending or pushing Samsung phones despite Microsoft selling them? – randyoaks187
-Microsoft used the space for the fan for LTE modem in the LTE model, but what about the non-LTE i5 model? How is the space being used on that one? – Nero Cui
-Should Microsoft launch an an iMessage competitor? Bruno D

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