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FITNESS EQUIPMENT – BEST HOME Exercise Equipment that’s CHEAP!
Best home gym equipment for having a gym at home. Cheap fitness equipment that is effective! Exercise at home with my tips on best home exercise equipment. Home Gym never looked so good!

Links to my equipment here:
Foam Roller: https://goo.gl/L93vj0
Resistance Bands: http://goo.gl/vzkgBx
Dual Sliders: http://goo.gl/oe6pz9
Adjustable ankle weights: http://goo.gl/pB2vKg

Shopping links :)
My top and leggings are both from ROSS.
Here is a link to my exact top if you can’t find it here: http://goo.gl/mQ2gNg

4 of my favorite, inexpensive, home work-out fitness tools.
Resistance band workouts are my go-to whether at home or at the gym. I always have them with me, they are super effective, lightweight, and cheap!
Sliders are my next favorite especially when traveling. Sliders have tons of full body workout ideas that you can find online. I use them for the majority of my leg workouts and core. Doing core plank tucks helps the yogi who is learning to pull up into a handstand. They make sliders for carpet and hardwood.
Styrofoam rollers are a great gift and something to have for the whole family. Rolling out your muscles is great for stress reduction, flexibility, posture, circulation…the list goes on!
Ankle weights are my final must have home fitness gear. Ankle weights can be used as arm weights as well, so don’t let the name fool you. Strap them on while you work around the house all day and you will slowly start building strength in your legs. Ankle weights make for killer legs & butt works outs, they bring symetry to the body since you are able to isolate weight training per side.
Home workouts are great for the beginner, it is a good place to find your strength and learn the basics before entering a full-blown gym.
Fitness, while you are traveling or even flying long distance, is a really good idea for your health.
Circulation while flying can be helped along by wearing your resistance band around your thighs or ankles and doing hip abductors while seated.
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