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Men’s Fitness 101: 6 Packs

Men’s Fitness 101: 6 Packs

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Video Description: Unlearn everything you thought was true about getting a six-pack. Even though it takes longer than any infomercial DVD may tell you, it’s not impossible to achieve. As explained by Darrell Holloman, Fitness Expert and Model, getting a true six-pack requires focus on your diet, rather than your sit-ups.

Video transcript: If a client asks me, I want a six pack, I want to have ripped abs, first there’s been a big myth that just doing sit-ups will focus on getting great abs, getting you a great six pack. But that’s not true, the best thing to get a great six pack is really focusing on your nutrition and your diet. We all have abs, under whatever layer of oedipus fat we have, but the nutrition part is what’s going to get us a great six pack. For example, you want to eat a certain amount of carbs at a certain amount of time during the day. If you’re at a desk job, you’re not burning a lot or expending a lot of energy so you don’t need to consume a lot of carbohydrates, but before a workout or after a workout, that’s when you should consume your carbs, for energy and for recovery. So seventy percent nutrition, and the other percent cardio and training.
The best abs exercise that will focus on the abs are called bicycle crunches, because it works everything: all the abdominal, all the obliques the Serratus. Hanging legs raises, those are one of the toughest abdominal exercises, but hanging leg raises, and good old fashioned, decline sit-ups. If you’re gonna do those three exercises, do one, then wait thirty seconds then do another, wait thirty seconds do another, and do that for a nice circuit, three of those circuits. Make sure you just hit those abs for about ten to twenty minutes after a workout and then three to five times a week, will be perfect, then you’ll start seeing results really fast.

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