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The BEST Organic Multivitamin is here! | musclecoach.com.au

The BEST Organic Multivitamin is here! | musclecoach.com.au

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The best Multivitamin capsule to hit our shelves in our opinion. We’re stoked that it’s full of organic real food sources and not overdosed!

It has come at a good time too with the integrity of current vitamin & mineral supplements being questioned in general.

However, while majority of these vitamin and mineral supplements contain the right inclusions the body requires, they have have been shown to contain excessive doses per serve. Also a lot of these products are also manufactured synthetically with chemicals and do not come straight from their natural sources.

More is not always better and because the body only requires a small amount of vitamin & minerals to make up for deficiencies in diets, it’s dangerous to consume excess. Numerous clinical studies have proven this.

However, on the flipside, it’s been proven that taking in adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals is very beneficial for overall health and vitality if sourced correctly and if the body requires it.

Multi-food – A multi vitamin and mineral product entirely derived from natural food ingredients.
Multi-Food offers 100% real organic food sources from the best farming practices and natural preservation.
Containing no synthetic compounds, and in the quantities your body needs for optimal synergistic function.

90 capsules per bottle
Take 1-3 capsules per day depending on dietary requirements

Includes important Zinc, Selenium and chromium, as well as Lantana Camara, guava leaves, Holy basil and lemon peel and other phytochemicals.

These contain all the essential vitamin and minerals within the foods themselves. Something most multivitamin products don’t do. Real food real results.

The ingredients within Multi-food also provides high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties great for overall immune, hormone, digestive, metabolic and cardiovascular health.

The point of multi-food isn’t just to hit recommended daily intakes, but to ensure the body is utilising and absorbing these vitamins and minerals correctly and efficiently in adequate ratios, which are stored within the food listed ingredients

ZINC – Important for cellular growth, hormone production, growth and repairment; immunity and digestion.
SELENIUM – Regulates thyroid and supports metabolic pathways.
CHROMIUM – Supports metabolic processes – regulates blood sugar, glucose transport and energy production.
LANTANA CAMARA – Loaded with essential chlorophyll and magnesium
WRIGHTIA TINCTORIA – Rich source of calcium!
GUAVA LEAVES AND FRUIT – A great source of Zinc, vitamin C, carotenoids and B complex vitamins.
HOLY BASIL & LEMON PEEL – High natural levels of B Vitamins
SESBANIA GRANDIFLORA – Contains high concentrations of Biotin
MORINGA OLEIFERA – Contains the adequate levels of chromium

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